Why Go Vegan? Here Are 4 Reasons You Should Go Vegan Right Now!

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What is Vegan?

Vegan is either a diet, or a person! Being a Vegan means to make an ethical commitment to impose the least possible harm on non-human animals that share the Earth with us. A Vegan eats plant-based diets, and displays a natural aversion towards animal products.

It’s not just about the diet…

It’s a lifestyle. Vegans don’t use clothes made out of leather and fur, and also other household items and products that are tested on animals. They strongly advocate against employing animals for show purposes such as circuses and religious festivals, as well as for transportation and labor.

Veganism is a strong philosophy that stresses on love and compassion towards animals, wildlife, and our surroundings. And to not treat them as mere business commodities, especially in this day and age when technology has achieved so much advancements.

Here are 4 Reasons You Should Go Vegan:

    1. For Health

reasons to go vegan_health

Vegan diets are plant-based, and there’s no argument that such diets provide all the nutrients one needs. Studies and research now show that a typical vegan diet can improve your cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure and the risk of diabetes, and also may prevent the onset of some types of cancer. Moreover, vegan diets are light and filling. Such diets are lower in calorie when compared to animal-based foods, and thus aids in weight management. 

    1. For Animals

reasons to go vegan_animals

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If you love other animals, and feel love and compassion towards them, you should definitely try being a vegan. It’s about time we realize, and be sensitive, to the fact that animals experience pain and suffering as humans do. When there are numerous options to gain health without exploiting the livelihood of non-human animals, why be so adamant? Why not just give up the meat, and let them live their lives peacefully.

    1. For the Earth

reasons to go vegan_earth

According to reports from the UN, animal agriculture is considered to be one of the main reasons for the drastic increase in CO2 production. Greenhouse gas emission, land and water pollution, and unhygienic maintenance and farming conditions that lead to spread of deadly viruses and diseases can all be avoided if we all just decide to shift to veganism. Even the scientists are nowadays suggesting everyone to go veg so that this planet and its atmosphere could survive a bit longer than they currently expect it to.

    1. For Humanity

reasons to go vegan_humanity

A typical vegan diet usually requires only a third of the land a meat-based diet would need. Currently, there’s a scarcity of everything – from coal to carbohydrates – and there’s no better time to adopt, and advocate, for a more sustainable way of life than now. Every country in this world is suffering from child malnutrition, and there’s no point in closing our eyes to it anymore. There’s not enough food, water or soil to sow seeds, and though we might not be able to change everything, we can play our parts. Quitting animal products for mother nature is one thing to begin with!


When you eat meat, and think about the pain the animal would have gone through to become the dish that’s on your plate, you might feel that the animal has lived a long and full life, and that certain certain things done to the animal before slaughtering, at the slaughterhouse, makes it all moral and good. But understand that the animal which is a living being, would feel the same fear of death as we humans would feel (in a similar situation).

Every time you avoid an animal product at a shop or a restaurant, you contribute to saving an animal’s life. Veganism is becoming more mainstream as more people are now getting conscious about the ecosystem and the environment that they live in. Avoid the diseases and poverty, switch to Vegan now!