Our Story

The Triveva legacy was built on purity and reliability. With over 75 years of expertise in traditional ayurvedic practices and well-being, we now present our premium set of authentic ayurvedic medicines and wellness products for the health conscious millennials. It is an extraordinary confluence of ancient healing traditions and plant remedies in congruous with modern values.

This is where The Old Meets The New.

Vaidyan V S Parameshwaran Nair

Dr K P Devaki Amma

Formerly known as Hindustan Pharmacy, Triveva is an Ayurvedic company and drugstore which was established in 1948 by Late Dr V S Parameshwaran and Dr K P Devaki Amma. Until 1975, the company functioned as an ayurvedic clinic. Later, in the same year, Hindustan Pharmacy acquired its manufacturing licence, and began the manufacture and sales of ayurvedic medicines, with the clinic functioning along.

In July 2021, Hindustan Pharmacy was rebranded as Triveva. The ‘Tri’ in Triveva means thrice, and ‘veva’ being an expression of long life.

Triveva is now headed by Dr P Haridas S/o of Late Vaidyan V S Parameshwaran Nair, and Late Dr K P Devakki Amma.

Our inception: in the words of Dr. Haridas P, CEO Triveva

Hindustan Pharmacy started off as a small clinic in 1948. It was my mother, Late Dr K P Devaki Amma, with the support of her husband, my father, Late  Dr VS Parameswaran Nair, who set ablaze this venture. My father was busy with his work in Govt Ayurveda College as an Eye Specialist during the time. So, the clinic was looked after by my mother, who also prepared the medicines that were to be used there. In 1975, the company acquired the manufacturing licence from Drugs Controller, Kerala.34/25D/1975.

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After his retirement, my father set forth to widen his understanding of traditional ayurvedic clinical practices, and also improved the quality of the raw materials as well as the medicines made. For this, he contributed his entire time studying on various ayurvedic herbs suggested in the vedic texts, and researching them by setting up small-scale forest communities. He expanded his research by collaborating with fellow researchers, and had eventually derived several authentic polyherbal formulas for the clinic.

Later in time, the clinic developed, and acquired popularity. My elder brother, and I were, too, familiar with traditional medicines and a bit of medicine making as we used to side with our parents in the clinic while growing up. We continued to assist them even into our adulthood, and after acquiring separate jobs, both of us went on to explore the field of Ayurveda. With the blessings and guidance from our parents, we were able to construct successful careers out of it. After my retirement, my elder brother Dr Sankaran Kutty. P, and I turned full-time into the activities of Hindustan Pharmacy. In 2021, Hindustan Pharmacy changed the name to TRIVEVA”

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Our Vision

At Triveva, we develop traditional ayurvedic medicines using genuine-quality raw materials that are sourced from small-scale farmers, and our very own forest communities. 

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We intend to introduce ayurveda in its purest form, and establish a wellness community for all those who seek a healthy, toxin free livelihood. All our herbal-natural medicines and wellness products are developed, and distributed, after following high standard clinical practices.

Our Focus

We intend to bring back those traditional treatment techniques, which our ancestors had mastered, by carefully planting their wisdom on ayurvedic medicines into today’s modern society.

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We believe in educating people on how to incorporate basic ayurvedic regiments in their day to day life, so that they could attain a peaceful, healthier state of living, and a higher state of mind.


Our goal is to bring together a community of individuals who are as passionate about ayurveda, and natural living as we are. We also encourage, promote, and support the cultivation of herbal plants by providing the most advanced farming techniques available out there.

Our Strengths

  • We have a long-established custom in providing high quality, traditional ayurvedic services.
  • All our medicines are authentically prepared in our manufacturing facility, and undergo different layers of quality analysis.
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  • We have a full-fledged manufacturing facility next to our clinic where our highly skilled workforce look after things from preparation to packaging.
  • Our core team comprises experienced and seasoned doctors and physicians who hail from the field of ayurveda and medicine.
  • We have acquired the licence to manufacture 211 Classical products, and 3 patent products.

Core Team