Sanjeevani Choornam - 150 gms


Triveva’s Sanjeevani Choornan is made with natural herbs, spices, and minerals with Amla as the base ingredient. It is a powerhouse of Vitamin C, and boosts your immunity and general well-being.


How to Use

  • Mix one tablespoon of Triveva’s Sanjeevani Choornam with water / milk and boil it. It should be consumed twice daily, before or after food.
  • For Children, 1 teaspoon in 50 ml.
  • For Adults, 1 tablespoon in 150 ml.


  • A spoonful of Triveva’s Sanjeevani Choornam is fortified with natural herbs, spices, and minerals that are packed with Vitamin C for immunity.
  • Amla, which is a main ingredient, is packed with vitamins, minerals, and tannins that makes it a highly powerful antioxidant .
  • Triveva’s Sanjeevani Choornam improves your immune system, promotes digestion, supports cardiac functioning and weight loss, nourishes the skin, and brings an overall balance over the doshas.