Rajanyadi Choornam - 150 gms


Triveva’s Rajanyadi Choornam is concocted with Rajani (Turmeric) as the base ingredient. It builds up the immune system, making the body resilient to fever, jaundice, and anaemia, and is a perfect remedy to cure digestive disorders and respiratory ailments.


How to Use

  • Mix one tablespoon of Triveva’s Rajanyadi Choornam with warm water/ warm milk/ honey/ buttermilk and consume once or twice, before or after food, or as directed by your ayurvedic doctor.
  • For Children, 1 teaspoon.
  • For Adults, 1 tablespoon.


  • Triveva’s Rajanyadi Choornam is a combination of 8 ayurvedic herbs with Rajani (Turmeric) as the very first ingredient.
  • It strengthens the immune system, and cures digestive and respiratory ailments.
  • It is a useful general tonic powder for children.