Nisakathakadi Kwath Choornam - 150 gms



Triveva’s Nisakathakadi Kwatham Choornam is an ayurvedic syrup used for diabetes and high blood sugar levels. It effectively lowers the blood glucose level and reduces insulin resistance. It is also antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in character.


How to Use

  • Mix the required amount of Triveva’s Nisakathakadi Kwatham Choornam with equal amounts of water and boil for 1 – 2 minutes.
  • Consume thrice a day, or as directed by the ayurvedic doctor.
  • For Children, 1 teaspoon must be mixed with 50 ml of water.
  • For Adults, 1 tablespoon should be mixed with 150 ml of water.


Triveva’s Nisakathakadi Kwatham Choornam is used for the treatment of pre-diabetes, diabetes, and its related complications. It is also effective against urinary tract infections, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and hearing impairments. It is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.